Ripley's Incredible Kids

Ripley's Believe it or Not has honored some INCREDIBLE students at Pinehurst Elementary.  The following students were nominated by the teachers and support staff at Pinehurst for their outstanding attitudes and work ethic in school. 

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Pinehurst Elementary School | January Ripley’s Incredible Kid Nominations

Reagan Minor (5th): Reagan always walks into the classroom with a smile on her face ready to learn. Because of Reagan’s hard work, she has made incredible progress in both reading and math this school year. Reagan is always kind and a good friend to her classmates as well as anyone else she sees during her school day.

Marie Atus (3rd): Marie is making great growth in LLI. She is always prepared for her group. She has the most wonderful manners. Marie goes above and beyond what is expected of her all the time. She's a role model for all students. When conflict arises, she is quick to grab an adult to diffuse a situation instead of getting herself into trouble.

Finneas “Finn” Shockley (3rd): Finn is not just a star student but a star friend to everyone. Finn sets an example for his peers by always doing what is expected, having a positive attitude, and working/ playing well with everyone. He truly is an incredible kid and I'm so proud to have him in my class!

Abrianna Grant (2nd): Abrianna is great at following directions and maintaining friendships in our classroom. She is helpful, caring, and goes above and beyond what is asked. She's such a great role model for our class.

Michael Rosas (5th): He is a hard worker who gets along well with his peers. His classmates overwhelmingly nominated him as most deserving to win a bike due to his genuineness. He is always eager to help others and never shows disrespect towards others.

Vivian Chen (4th): She is always helpful, polite, and hard-working. She values her education and seeks to cultivate a positive learning experience for herself and others.

Michelle Rosado-Colon (2nd): She has made so much growth since coming to Pinehurst! She used to give up very easily and wait for the answer to be given to her. Now she uses a variety of math strategies to attack a problem. For reading, she uses strategies learned in guided reading/LLI to help her. She has moved from a BAS level D in reading to an I already! She is polite, well mannered, and comes to school ready to learn and try her best. So proud of you Michelle!

Lauren Romanowski (1st): Lauren is a kind, caring and an amazing person. She is always willing to help in the classroom with her peers and her teacher. She goes above and beyond in the classroom, whether it's completing her work or setting an example for her classmates. I admire that she is always looking for ways to do better with her work.

Kwali Williams (2nd): Kwali is one of my students who works the hardest. He puts forth 100% effort in group. He is very persistent. He does not give up on himself even when he finds the material difficult.

Keily Arcos (3rd): Keily comes to group prepared to work everyday. She always reads her LLI book at home and even gets her family involved by reading/acting out the plays in the Classic Tales. Keily is always a respectful and kind young lady. It is a pleasure to work with her.